Oracle RAC restore fails with "media not in library"

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  • Oracle RAC restore fails with "media not in library"
    Posted: 11-16-2011, 9:32 AM

    I'm seeing some strange behaviour on one of the restores we're doing for an Oracle RAC database.

    The setup is as follows:

    Oracle RAC node (instance 1) is running on ORAHOST1 and is it's own MA (for LAN-free backup)
    Oracle RAC node (target instance) is running on ORAHOST2 and also has it's own MA and tapedrives.

    Both datapahs are in the same storage policy, with the allocation policy set to "use prefered path".

    MediaManager.log shows the following:

    7308 1794 11/16 15:05:04 ####### Resource   Released reservation 2536328
    7308 1d70 11/16 15:05:45 1056725  MOUNT    [    ]  MOUNT REQUEST from [ORAHOST1.acme.local] : JOB 1056725
    7308 1d70 11/16 15:05:45 1056725  MOUNT    [9838]  DATAPATH SELECTED = <ORAHOST3.acme.local>, DRIVEPOOL <372> LIBRARY <TAPELIB1>
    7308 1d70 11/16 15:05:45 ####### MLMReserveMountVol::handleMountVolIntoAnyDrivePool() - :MLMReserveMountVol.cpp:11710:  Drivepool [372]'s ClientId [608] retrieved for MA [612, ORAHOST1.acme.local] is different. Volume [9838] must be in wrong library.. failing mount with media outside library..
    7308 1d70 11/16 15:05:45 ####### EvNDetector::StoreLibrary(815): -Debug-: Alert insertered in to the database successfully. eventId : [2701972]
    7308 1d70 11/16 15:05:45 1056725  MOUNT    [9838]  ERROR:(get mount info for processing mount request) DUE TO  ** [The required media is currently in a different library.](20043) ** FUNC[(MLMReserveMountVol::reserveMountForDrive)(MLMReserveMountVol.cpp:4385)] PARAMETERS: LIBRARY [(-1):()] DRIVE [(-1):()] MEDIA [(9838):CV0711L3]MEDIAGRP[477] DRIVEPOOL [372] DRIVEHOST [0] LIBRARYHOST [-1] LMS [] DMS []
    7308 1d70 11/16 15:05:46 ####### MLMDriveInfo::fillDriveInfoForDM() - :MLMDriveInfo.cpp:2874: Failed to get Drivectrl info for drvctrlId [-1]  due to error [261].

    So, what I can deduce from this:

    - It tries to mount a tape in TAPELIB1 on ORAHOST1 (the source client, which is good)
    - Then it selects a datapath via the MA on ORAHOST3. Not sure why. This host is neither source or target, so should be completly unrelated.
    - Commvault then messes up by throwing around some ID's and saying something which is loosely translated "Hmm, that's odd. Probably the media is in a different library, failing on that".

    Has anyone seen this behaviour before?

    If it jams, force it.
    If it breaks, it needed replacing anyway.
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