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  • Recover Archived Email Messages
    Posted: 11-19-2012, 11:30 PM

    Hi Guys,

    Have had a few issues with the CV upgrade to version 9. The Commserve upgraded well, but the Exchange server (Windows 2003) with all the Exchange iDataAgents had problems upgrading, and in order to get it back to a stable condition, the only agents that remain on it are the Exchange Database and Filesystem iDataAgents, the Exchange Mailbox Archive iDataAgent has been installed on another server.

    However the issue now is that all the Archive History is on the old Exchange Mailbox Archive server, and when trying to use CVRECALLMAILBOX or even trying to browse and restore the Archive data to a Mailbox or extract to PST file, does not work.

    How can i recover archived email data from the old Exchange Server that does not have the Exchange Mailbox iDataAgent installed on anymore?


  • Re: Recover Archived Email Messages
    Posted: 11-20-2012, 5:08 PM

    using the cvrecallmailbox util should no be affect by what server contains the archive history as it is not difference than a normal stub recall.  Are you getting an error for this?


    The browse history will need to be done from the old server name as the history was secure there.


    CommVault Messaging Support
  • Re: Recover Archived Email Messages
    Posted: 11-20-2012, 9:13 PM

    When running CVRecallMailbox i get the following error:

    C:\Program Files\CommVault\Simpana\Base>CvRecallMailbox.exe ASExchange -f "C:\Server_Admin\CVRecallMailbox\input.csv" <ExchangeSvr> <DC> <Target Svr> 8402
    Processing Mailbox of, Directory: Complete MailB
    ox , Recall Destination: In Place Recall
    Inbox (Stubs: 5 Size: 9077121)
    Inbox\Test (Stubs: 3 Size: 1068927)
    Total Number of stub 8 : Size 10146048
    Recall Status Failed 8 / Succeeded 0
    Recall completed ...

    If i have moved the mailbox from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 Mailbox, which exchange server should i specify in the CvRecallMailbox command. Also with the Target Server, should that be where where the current Exchange Mailbox Archiver agent is, or the Exchange Database iData Agent?


    Below is the HELP usage for the command CvRecallMailbox:

    Uasage :
    CvRecallMailbox.exe <outlook profile> -f <In File> <Exchange Server> <AD Server>
    <Target Server> <Target Port> [ReportingMode] [-o <OutPut File>]
    <outlook profile> : Outlook profile to use

    <In File> : CSV File of format <SMPT Address>,<Optional Folder>,<Optio
    nal Destination Folder>
    <Exchange Server> : Exchange Server Name
    <AD Server> : Active Directory Server Name
    <Target Server> : Target Server Name, it is the proxy server, if its ins
    talled else it is your Exchange or CAS server where agent is installed
    <Target Port> : Evmgrc Port of Target Server
    [ReportingMode] : [Optional parameter] Return the number of Stubs in each fo
    lder and its size
    [-o <output file>] : [Optional parameter] Creates a csv file of mailbox,folder
    name,Number of stubs, Size of stubs

    Example :
    CvRecallMailbox.exe outlook -f "c:\MyCsvFile.csv" MyExchangeServer MyADServer
    MyTargetServer TargerEvmgrcPort
  • Re: Recover Archived Email Messages
    Posted: 11-20-2012, 9:21 PM

    I've also ensured i have this configuration applied:

    1) Go to the CommCell UI and find the client Exchange2003 (Old Exchange Mailbox Archiver)
    2) R-click and open the Properties, Advanced tab, Exchange Proxy field and enter CV Exchange Off-host proxy Server Hostname (Which has Outlook 2010 installed) as the proxy computer for Exchange2003
    3) OWA Proxy Enabler should be installed on Exchange2003 Server for this to work.
    4) Stop / Start CommVault services on Off-Host Proxy Server once the changes have been made then try the recalls again.
    The above suggested configuration has been applied, but recalls fail from Outlook and CvRecallMailbox.exe
  • Re: Recover Archived Email Messages
    Posted: 11-21-2012, 5:32 PM

    the server is always going to be the exchange server where the mailbox currently resides. it doesn't necessarily matter where it USED to be, or even where the data in the mailbox had been stubbed. 

    THis is the case for CVRecallMailbox. 

    For Outlook it is a little tricker. You can take a look at the diagram here to help explain what happens

    1) The recall is going to go to the Client Access Server

    2) The client access server requires OWAProxyEnabler to be installed. THis is where you set the "Proxy for Exchange" setting in client properties to point to the proxy where Mailbox ARchiver agent is installed

    3) The request is redirected to the proxy client

    4) The recall request is processed on the proxy

    For troubleshooting purposes, look at EvMgrC log on your CAS server to make sure that a recall request is coming in. If it does come in, make sure that it is properly redirected to the proxy.   If it does not come in, make sure you have OWAProxyEnabler installed on the machine.  You can also check to make sure that this is the proper CAS server for this mailbox by checking the profile in Outlook (The CAS server will be the Exchange SErver name visible in the Email Account configuration)

    Once you get through this and follow up with some more information we can try taking the troubleshooting a little further. 

    Wearer of Many Hats
  • Re: Recover Archived Email Messages
    Posted: 11-21-2012, 8:24 PM
    Followed the following instructions from CV Support, and finally got it working, Thanks for all the help.
    - Create a user within Exchange 2010 and give it exchange admin permissions
    - Change the exchange admin account within the new proxy's Exchange mailbox Archiver IDA to this account
    - Install the OWA proxy enabler on each Exchange 2010 CAS
    - Install updates (Service Packs) on these 2 CASs
    - Within the properties of each CAS - advanced tab, change the 'proxy for exchange' drop down menu to the new proxy
    - Run an archive job for the "test"mailbox (of which is located within Exchange 2010) on the new proxy. You can set the
    age and size rule to 99999 and 999999 to avoid archiving any mail items (This is to create the initial Index. If the archive fails, still test the next step)
    - From Outlook or OWA, test a recall for the "test" mailbox
    - If a recall is successful, please conduct recalls via the CVrecallmailbox utility
    Example with reporting Mode Only :
    CvRecallMailbox.exe outlook -f "c:\MyCsvFile.csv" MyExchangeServer MyADServer
    MyTargetServer TargerEvmgrcPort ReportingMode -o C:\output.txt
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