Off-Site incremental Backup

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  • Off-Site incremental Backup
    Posted: 08-19-2010, 8:30 AM

    Hello there


    We have two different sites so we are looking to backup our data from site1 to site2 and vice versa. The way we are thinking of doing this is to do a full backup to tape at site1 transfer it to site2 and put it up to our disk backup and from then on perform incremental backups. I was thinking of performing incremental backups every hour this way it doesn't use much bandwidth as site1 is in London and site2 is in Lurgan and I was wondering does anyone have any thought on this or if anyone has done this already?


    Many thanks


  • Re: Off-Site incremental Backup
    Posted: 08-19-2010, 8:59 AM

    Hi Malcolm


    I don't think doing incremental 'forever' backups will be what you want.. this would be painstakingly slow when restoring. You could consider the use of synthetic fulls but still...

    I don't know if any legal requirements apply on your situation (depends on the kind of business you work for and the regulations that apply) but have you thought about the following ?

    - Perform your backups at site 1 to a Maglib (deduplicated, although it doesn't have to be)

    - Use CDR/SDR/.. (Commvault's replication) to site2 to create a read-only replicated maglib


    That way you're backing up on site1 at LAN speeds, and still have a "asynchronous" replica of your data on site2 in case of a disaster. Granted, you are using twice the space for backups (site 1 and site 2)

    In order to avoid the initial transfer of all the first backups, you could place the replica maglib Media Agent at site 1 first and perform the initial replication at LAN speed.. Once you're finished you could ship that MA off to another site and re-established the replication again. (you'd have to mind about IP/hostname/routing etc)

    If you do want to stick to your original scheme, you may want to wait until Commvault starts with true client-side deduplication someday ...



  • Re: Off-Site incremental Backup
    Posted: 08-19-2010, 9:35 AM

    Hello Renaat

    Thanks very much for the quick response, sorry I forgot to mention yes we're thinking of backing up to mag lib and then using commvaults DR but we don't want to just have the DR running every night to Site2 as it will be very slow. So I was thinking of doing incremental backups maybe every hour to the mag lib and then having the DR pick up any new data to the mag lib and transfer it to site2. I was wondering if we done this would it have much impact on the network or is it even a good idea to do? Thanks you're right about the restores being very long as we use a lot of big files such as designs, images, presentations so its another factor we need to consider


    Thanks again


  • Re: Off-Site incremental Backup
    Posted: 08-19-2010, 10:01 AM

    I would think CDR/DDR would be a better option here.  You can seed the data set using the out of band sync process:

    Since CDR is continuous and DDR runs are interval (every 30 minutes) you can send data at these frequencies and throttle them accordingly (CDR/DDR products allow a specified amount of throttling to not flood the WAN). 

    Your destination copy of the data will always have the most current form.  For data protection, you can implement the snapshot technology (Recovery point or RP) which will snap the data on the destination (for point in time data) and can even back it up to a storage policy (fulls or incrementals).  Since snapshot and backup this is occuring on the destination side there is no impact on the wan link.

    This allows you to have 3 copies of the data (live copy, snap copy, backup copy) while minimizing the impact on your wan link to whatever you specify. 


  • Re: Off-Site incremental Backup
    Posted: 08-19-2010, 10:41 AM

    Hello Vincenzo


    Thanks very much thats great info, I'll get looking into it and see how we get on, I'll get back to you soon about it but thats def the right direction for us


    Many thanks


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