restoring a delete client by mistake

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  • restoring a delete client by mistake
    Posted: 11-08-2010, 3:06 PM

    is there a way to restore a deleted client in the commcell browser



  • Re: restoring a delete client by mistake
    Posted: 11-08-2010, 3:10 PM

    When did you delete this client?

    you can do a commserveDR restore which will roll you back in time when the client existed.

    You can also do a commcell merge which needs a license.

    I assume you are worrying backup history.  Was this history only stored on disk?  If so and Data aging ran i would assume that the history \ data is erased.

    If this was just done I would suggest that you turn off data aging and stop running jobs until you determine what your next steps are.

    CommVault Messaging Support
  • Re: restoring a delete client by mistake
    Posted: 11-08-2010, 3:44 PM

    Generally speaking the answer is No. When you delete a client there is a warning box that tells you doing this will delete and remove all data and information regarding this are you sure?

    What that means is that all information regading that machine and its backups will be removed from the datatbase and the ability to browse or restore any data is lost.

    Your options are to roll back the DB with a DR recovery to get the client back and then leave it that way (if this was just done today you shoudl do this) or if it was from some time ago you can do the dr restore, recover the data needed and then roll back to the latest DR. You would haev to repeat this each time you needed to do a restore as well as keep that DR backup around for the duration.

    Alternatively you can merge the two databases (license required) to get the deleted client back, or you can catalogue the tape media and merge it back in (requires same merge license). Both of these senarios would only be useful if the data was stored on tapes, if it was on mag disk then it has already been deleted and cannot be recovered.

  • Re: restoring a delete client by mistake
    Posted: 11-09-2010, 11:49 AM

    Yes, you can essentialy restore a deleted client. Here is the documentation on how to accomplish this. As mentioned in earlier posts it will require either doing a DR Restore or a commcell merge.

    This is a link to the issue within books online...

    Recovering Data Associated with Deleted Clients and Storage Policies

    The following procedure describes the steps involved in recovering data associated with the following entities:

    • Deleted Storage Policy
    • Deleted Client, Agent, Backup Set or Instance

    Before you Begin

    This procedure can be performed when the following are available:

    • You have a Disaster Recovery Backup which contains information on the entity that you are trying to restore. For example, if you wish to recover a storage policy (and the data associated with the storage policy) that was accidentally deleted, you must have a copy of the disaster recovery backup which was performed before deleting the storage policy.
    • Media containing the data you wish to recover is available and not overwritten.
    • If a CommCell Migration license was available in the CommServe when the disaster recovery backup was performed, no additional licenses are required. If not, obtain the following licenses:
      • IP Address Change license
      • CommCell Migration license

      See License Administration for more details.

    • A standby computer, which will be used temporarily to build a CommServe.

    Thank you,
    CommVault Customer Support
    24/7 Support Hotline#: 1.877.780.3077

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