11sp7 Synchronize All DDBs disabled

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  • 11sp7 Synchronize All DDBs disabled
    Posted: 04-02-2017, 5:54 AM


    I've recently recovered the DDB into a different disk. Process completed to 100% but partitions are in maintenance as it should be if it detects any inconsistency.

    According to this http://documentation.commvault.com/commvault/v11/article?p=features/deduplication/t_resynchronizing_the_ddb.htm I need to Use Deduplication Database (DDB) Resynchronization to bring the DDB online and revert it to a reusable state.


    1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Storage Resources.
    2. Right-click the Deduplication Engines and then click Synchronize All DDBs.
    3. In the Synchronize All DDBs dialog box, click Yes. 

    However I cannot run it since the option "Synchronize All DDBs" is disabled (greyed out) from the context menu.

    I don't know if it needs to be enabled somewhere else or any DDB state that automatically disables it. I haven't been able to find anything in the documentation.

    Any help would be apreciated. 

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  • Re: 11sp7 Synchronize All DDBs disabled
    Posted: 06-19-2017, 6:42 PM

    I am currently in the same situtation, I have a case open with support today should know by tomorrow afternoon. I can't run validation and it continues to reconstuct the DB but that agent stays offline.

  • Re: 11sp7 Synchronize All DDBs disabled
    Posted: 06-20-2017, 9:19 AM

    Typically the option is greyed out if the attempts to resync have been fulfilled.... I.e too many tries.

    Set this reg key to allow the resync process another attempt.
    Name: nMaxDDBResyncAttempts
    Category: MediaManager
    Type: Integer
    Value: 20 
  • Re: 11sp7 Synchronize All DDBs disabled
    Posted: 06-20-2017, 9:21 AM

    oh also restart MediaManager after setting this make sure no jobs are running first

  • Re: 11sp7 Synchronize All DDBs disabled
    Posted: 06-20-2017, 9:41 AM

    I attempted it, still doesnt' allow the resync option to be selected. I am still waiting to see what support comes back with. I was hoping there was a command i could run from the CLI that would allow a resync of a specific ddb instead of having to do all of them at once.

  • Re: 11sp7 Synchronize All DDBs disabled
    Posted: 06-20-2017, 9:51 AM

    Show me a screen shot of where you made the registry change.

  • Re: 11sp7 Synchronize All DDBs disabled
    Posted: 07-02-2018, 11:13 PM

    Can you select two levels down and screen shot the results, it should tell you why its showing as a problem

  • Re: 11sp7 Synchronize All DDBs disabled
    Posted: 05-07-2019, 1:11 PM


    I have the same problem.

    I virtualized the commserve today, resync for all of the databases deduplication worked exept for one.

    The database partition have the status : maintenance (needs resync) and the option synchronize all ddbs" is greyed out.

    @mmagbee : you workaround work? If yes, could you explain where exactly i must add the key in registry?

    Someone as other idea?


    Thank for your answer,


  • Re: 11sp7 Synchronize All DDBs disabled
    Posted: 05-07-2019, 1:54 PM

    Yes it worked. 

    Right click your commcell ID in the top left of your commcell commserv and choose properties.

    Click the tab Addtional settings.

    Add it in there

  • Re: 11sp7 Synchronize All DDBs disabled
    Posted: 05-07-2019, 2:10 PM

    Thank you,

    Unfortunately nMaxDDBResyncAttempts is not in the suggested list, I'm in v10sp15.


  • Re: 11sp7 Synchronize All DDBs disabled
    Posted: 05-07-2019, 2:19 PM

    You have to type it in

  • Re: 11sp7 Synchronize All DDBs disabled
    Posted: 05-07-2019, 2:32 PM

    I added the key like you indicated, but the option " synchronize all ddbs" on deduplication engines is still greyed out.

    When you say "restart MediaManager", it mean restart the Commvault media & library manager service trought the process manager? I did it but no change.

  • Re: 11sp7 Synchronize All DDBs disabled
    Posted: 05-07-2019, 2:36 PM

    Hrm, You may have to call support. That is the only way to accomplish this.

  • Re: 11sp7 Synchronize All DDBs disabled
    Posted: 05-07-2019, 2:40 PM

    I did it, I wait for their answer.

    Thank for your time mmagbee;)

  • Re: 11sp7 Synchronize All DDBs disabled
    Posted: 05-07-2019, 6:35 PM

    Hi Johan & All

    By design once DDB Re-Sync is initiated you don't need to re-run it (that is why it is greyed out), the default is setting is DDB Re-sync will attempt 5 times and then will report failure. 

    The purpose of the additional setting "nMaxDDBResyncAttempts" is to allow more retry attempts for the re-sync - in this case "20" 

    As the issue is still persistent, can you open and share the MediaManager.log (on the CommServe), and filter on "Store [#]", replace [#] with the DDB Engine ID (found as the second expanded option under Deduplication Engine, for the specify Store). 

    The purpose is to understand why the DDB re-sync is failing/not progressing. 

    Additional Info - depending on the Service Pack you are on, please ensure the following Hot Fix is applied:

    Note - the purpose of restarting Media Manager Service (on the CommServe) can also helps, as we will attempt to send the re-sync request when the service starts up (however this service is used to manage and allocate resource from a CommServe perspective, so suspend any running jobs when doing so). 



  • Re: 11sp7 Synchronize All DDBs disabled
    Posted: 05-08-2019, 6:06 AM


    I added the additionnal setting on the commserve as asked and restarted the media manager service, but the situation doesn't change.

    The support tell me that the resynch failed at the sanity check.

    So the next step is to rebuilt the DDB, I would like to do it but when I want to start the task, Commvault software say that the "Deduplication Database is currently under maintenance", the job cannot be submit.

    What can i do to rebuilt the DDB?


  • Re: 11sp7 Synchronize All DDBs disabled
    Posted: 05-09-2019, 3:01 AM

    Hi Johann

    If the DDB failed sanity check, that means the time on the DDB is ahead/behind the CommServe recorded time. 

    DDB rebuild refers to DDB recon where the DDB needs to be "Marked for Recovery" at the DDB Parttion Level, and then Trigger the DDB Recon at the DDB Engine level. 

    However because the DDB is in a maintenance state, Support will most likely need to engage Development to get a script to reset the DDBMaintenanceFlag. 

    Please consult with your support engineer if you are stuck on any steps. 



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