Workflow dependency for AUX Policy copy to exist

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  • Workflow dependency for AUX Policy copy to exist
    Posted: 11-29-2017, 3:18 PM

       I am looking to automate some file level restores that would have a similar experiance as the VM LiveSync jobs.  With LiveSync, after an AUX copy runs for a policy copy and a job now exists there, it automaticly runs a restore job of the VM.

       I have a restore job that runs every day, but some times if fails if the AUX copy runs longer than normal.  I would like to somehow delay the restore until after I know the AUX has copied the particular job to the policy copy?

       Any ideas?

  • Re: Workflow dependency for AUX Policy copy to exist
    Posted: 11-29-2017, 4:07 PM

    Looking more, I have found a workflow that seems like it will do exaclty what I am looking for.
    "File System Replication Using DASH Copy"


    Has anyone used this before?  It mentions 'filer' numerus times, and is looking for a user account.  By filer is it assuming Netapp?  Why does it need credentials if it is just using the Commvault idata agent to run the backup, Aux and restore?

    I will try opening a ticket to see what they can tell me.  Also for the client, it does not let me choose MS cluster virtual servers, only the cluster nodes.




  • Re: Workflow dependency for AUX Policy copy to exist
    Posted: 11-29-2017, 4:20 PM

    Hi Farmer,

    are you running the aux copy from the workflow? if you are you can pass in the JOBID and wait for that copy to complete 1st.

    builtin activity to wait for job completion of that AUX copy in the workflow.



    Activity Group/NameDescription and Usage
    WaitForJobCompletion Waits for an operation to complete and sends the completion status to the following activity in the Workflow.

    This activity requires the following inputs:

    • jobId

      An integer value which specifies the job ID of the operation to be monitored for completion. For example, if you want to wait for a backup operation to complete (defined by the QOperationBackup activity), click Insert Variable to add the following variable:


    • sessionOptions (Optional)

      This input allows you to run the operation using the Workflow executor privileges. By default, the Workflow uses this behavior.

    Gary Seibak
    Technical Account Manager - Commvault
  • Re: Workflow dependency for AUX Policy copy to exist
    Posted: 12-01-2017, 9:35 AM

    Hi Bill,

    The FileSystem DashCopy workflow, different from LiveSync, was created to provide support for replicating files and shares of entities that do not have Commvault agent installed. You can specify any source UNC path (for Windows) or mount path (for Unix) and a corresponding destination path. The paths can be for a filer volume or even a local machine drive shared as UNC.

    The workflow does not expect Commvault agent to be present. Hence it asks for the credentials for both the source and destination and saves it as a replication pair to be run on a schedule. When executed, it runs a workflow job that automatically creates a subclient for the pair, runs a backup, followed by auxcopy, followed by a restore.

    This workflow was designed for filer admins who wanted easy control for replicating a set of files/shares outside of Commvault agents.


  • Re: Workflow dependency for AUX Policy copy to exist
    Posted: 12-01-2017, 9:41 AM

    Awesome thank you.  I was not clear on that from the workflow description since it also asked for the client and storage policy.


    Thank you again

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