commvault & sybase = ideal combination

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  • commvault & sybase = ideal combination
    Posted: 04-29-2018, 9:06 PM

    commvault & sybase = ideal combination
    After having issues where commvault reports failed jobs in case a database isn't running in full recovery,  we now did a restore test. (after we found yet another bug in SP11 where PIT recovery doesn't work for SAP on Oracle)
    And over here, we really see that power of commvault:

    - a client machine with 16 cpus, 64Gb memory, 20Gb network connection, with a 1GB sybase database.
    - 4 SSD powered media agents.

    And we get lightning fast restore performances of commvault with Sybase databases
    156MB in 55 minutes, when we stopped the restore, as we didn't want to wait another 400 minutes+.

    As we were so happy about the restore performance, we did a retest , and we now already managed to restore 3MB in 20 Minutes.

    Of course, commvault needs to restart the database constantly during the restore process, imagine that the restore would be fast.

    congratulations Commvault. You won the price of slowest restore system,and you even beat systems made in 1950.


  • Re: commvault & sybase = ideal combination
    Posted: 04-30-2018, 8:03 AM

    Hi Bar S,


    For SAP Oracle, what is the issue?

    PIT restore doesn't working means what is the restore scenario you are trying?

    ANd is there any time skew between CS and CC?

    Is the Commserver and CLient on same time zone?

    Please give us more details? 





  • Re: commvault & sybase = ideal combination
    Posted: 04-30-2018, 10:45 AM

    Hi Bart,

    The restore throughput is definitely skewed because of environmental issues. We can assist you to isolate the issue. Can you please open a case with support and share the log files with us?




  • Re: commvault & sybase = ideal combination
    Posted: 04-30-2018, 10:46 AM

    Hi Bar S,

    We want to understand the nature of Sybase restore slowness as we have never come across this issue in our lab testing.

    Have you opened a ticket with Commvault.

    If yes, could you please provide the ticket details. In the ticket please upload the client, Commvault Server & MediaAgent logs for the job where you experienced slowness

    It could be environmental issue and may require some tuning. 



  • Re: commvault & sybase = ideal combination
    Posted: 05-03-2018, 5:36 PM

    "For SAP Oracle, what is the issue?

    PIT restore doesn't working means what is the restore scenario you are trying?"


    this is a bug...well, at least I 'm trying to convince CV that it's a bug
    BRTOOLS 7.20  requires format [-m|-pit|-time <yyyy-mo-dd>]
    Commvault restore sends :

    "brrecover -f XX -t dbpit -m 2018-04-18 04:13:07"

    BRTOOLS 7.40 requires:  [-m|-pit|-time <yyyy-mo-dd hh:mi:ss>

    So despite brtools 7.20 is fully supported by commvault, commvault is sending an invalid brtools restore syntax.

    It means that Commvault did not test this....


  • Re: commvault & sybase = ideal combination
    Posted: 05-04-2018, 12:23 AM



    This sytax generated by brtools.

    I will gove you more details tomorrow on SAP BRTOOLS with SAP Note with when they changed time format and fixed again. I will keep posted.





  • Re: commvault & sybase = ideal combination
    Posted: 05-04-2018, 11:28 AM

    generated by brtools in the background or not, that doesn't matter.
    The version is supported by commvault, on paper, and it's not working.

    again the point remains that despite it's supported, commvault didn't test this

  • Re: commvault & sybase = ideal combination
    Posted: 05-04-2018, 11:57 AM

     the SP11 saga doesn't stop.

    - the change in sap hana backups/ userdbstore creating is making the userdb keystore corrupt every X amount of time. (ticket was open already, was also reported by other customers, was closed again with workaround, and now we can reopen it....sigh)

    - reports don't show all details for users (fixed by development now, but took me 2 weeks to explain the problem)

    - oracle sap restore now fails randomly, not doing anything for HOURS, nothing being logged in logs either. Bye bye any sla

    - brtools log empty sometimes when doing restores (despite this was fixed multiple times)

    - sybase restores shows 'warning - no updates for XX minutes', while the agent is actually restoring data

    - hana client configuration details in java gui not showing the input fields on 'smaller' screens since sp11.


    I guess this won't be all..

  • Re: commvault & sybase = ideal combination
    Posted: 05-04-2018, 12:18 PM


    Let's have a call and go through all your issues. I will take ownership and work with you.

    I will let support will reach you and arrange the call. For each issue, I will get the issue escalated as TR and work on resolving the issues.







  • Re: commvault & sybase = ideal combination
    Posted: 05-14-2018, 7:08 PM

    "We want to understand the nature of Sybase restore slowness as we have never come across this issue in our lab testing."


    I just want to say that the BOL for restoring a Sybase on Windows is NOT correct.  Following the instructions it can never ever work, because the commands don't exist in Sybase for windows. (180514-526)

    So I don't think it was ever tested. If that was not tested , commvault can't know if it's fast or slow.

  • Re: commvault & sybase = ideal combination
    Posted: 05-15-2018, 12:53 AM
    Hi Bart,
    1. Regarding restore slowness & process flow involved in sybase Full Server /DR restore: There are various steps involved in sybase Full server restore/DR cases which needs to be considered and can cause some delay.
    If we try restoring just only user databases (excluding system databases) we should see good performance as it doesn't require all below steps which i am mentioning.

    DR restore/Full server restore:

    A. Master database restore/system database restore requires to shutdown and start sybase server. Every shutdown /start of sybase server takes 60 seconds each . This wait time is added due to sybase not accepting connections even after start of server causes isql connection failure . Similarly During shutdown we have seen cases where sybase server still holds master device for few seconds , causing next start failure. We have seen on several customer setups.

    B. Fresh master device creation/database creation starts server with default sortorder/character set . So in case dump were taken with non default sort order/charset , load will fail due to mismatch. We need to handle this case as well. We need to create temporary sysprocs database and need to run installmaster script to load all system procedures. We change sort order and character set using sp_configure to match it with the dump. This also involves couple of server restarts as required by sybase to change the sort order and character set.

    C. In case of DR kind of restores, we need to reset tempdb first and then reallocate as tempdb doesnt come up causes isql connection failures. This also requires restart of server.

    2. Windows doesnt have dataserver utility-- Yes , windows has sqlsrvr.exe not dataserver. We are going to update BOL with this. We need to stop sybase sqlsrvr (service named -- SAP_SQLSRVR_.
    This have been tested on windows

  • Re: commvault & sybase = ideal combination
    Posted: 05-15-2018, 3:58 AM

    Hi Bart,

    Also if you are trying full restore you can refer this BOL link below directly instead manually building master database using dataserver or sqlserver utility. You can follow prerequisite and run GUI based restore using create device option selected.



    Let us know if this helps. We will correct documentation for manual example.



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