Browse and restore from a Backup copy

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  • Browse and restore from a Backup copy
    Posted: 08-21-2019, 3:16 AM

    Hi all!

    We need help with "Browse and restore" option. We are backing up our virtualization environment (VMWare) using snapshots through Intellisnap (with Hitachi engine CCI Thin Image). This is working well and we have hardware snapshots in our arrays but they have a low retention.

    These snap backups have configured "backup copy" jobs that replicate these hardware snapshots to our backup library with a larger retention. 

    When snap backup is not expired, we can "Browse and restore" from it and using the "copy from precedence" option we are able to restore from the "Backup copy" (which is our secondary copy in the backup library).

    However, when snap backup is expired, we only can see the Backup copies (from backup history for a subclient) and the "Browse and restore" option is not working. It's said, we have a large retention for these backups that we can't use because we don't know how to restore from them.

  • Re: Browse and restore from a Backup copy
    Posted: 08-21-2019, 5:51 AM

    Hi sistemas

    Its sounds a bit weird that you are unable to browse the Backup Copy.

    Can you confirm how the Backup Copy is configured, is it using V1 or V2 Indexing?

    Can you confirm whether the following options are enabled:

    • Collect File Details: On the Backup Options tab, for streaming backups and backup copies.
    • Collect File Details for Snapshot Copy: On the IntelliSnap Operations tab, for IntelliSnap backups. Use this option when creating a copy for tape storage, because file and folder information is required when recovering files from tape.

    The above options needs to be enabled to allow additional index to be captured during Backup Copy, so granular Browse & Restore is possible.



  • Re: Browse and restore from a Backup copy
    Posted: 08-21-2019, 9:07 AM

    Hi Wwong.

    Thanks for your help. I will try to clarify our problem and answer your questions.

    We are on CV v11 SP9 (I know, we should update asap but we need to deprecate our old vcenter 5.5 before the upgrade).

    Our Backup copies are configured through storage policy (they are done just when snap backup finished). I can't see any option related to indexing in this tab (Storage Policy Properties - Snapshot - Backup copy) and the indexing tab is not visible in VSA configuration neither.

    I've checked your link and find its "equal" in SP9:

    Granular Recovery is enabled for our snaps (they are working well) but I haven't find any option to enable it in backup copies but we don't have any option to "Collect file details +/- snapshot copy" in our version.

    I think the point is that we are not able to restore any data from these backup copies. We can list all Jobs, we see them completed but any recover option is enabled for them (List snaps doesn't list the snapshots either), for example:

  • Re: Browse and restore from a Backup copy
    Posted: 08-21-2019, 3:51 PM

    Are you able to browse and restore from a point in time from the subclient?  We've noticed that "Browse and Restore" is sometimes not an option from the job listing, but you can select the point in time that you want and you can get to the backup that way. 

    Also (in SP15), the AdminConole/CommandCenter will show the backup times as restore points in the calendar on jobs where "Browse and Restore" is not an option in the Java Console.

  • Re: Browse and restore from a Backup copy
    Posted: 08-22-2019, 2:44 AM

    Hi dcskinner.

    I've tried restoring to a point in time from the subclients and is working well. Is more less intuitive than the "Browse and restore" option from the Jobs list but I think that we can go this way till we are able to upgrade our backup environment to latest service pack with its "new" interface and improvements.

    Thanks for your appreciate help, i will mark this thread as solved.

    Have a good day, backupers!

  • Re: Browse and restore from a Backup copy
    Posted: 08-22-2019, 11:15 AM

    I agree, it is annoying.  I'm not sure what the HTML5 AdminConsole looks like in SP9 (we installed new at SP13), but selecting restores by job are much easier there.  It gives you a calendar, you select the day and then the job times to select from are listed.  If I can't restore from the job for some reason in the Java Console, that is usually my next stop.

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