Data Analytics/Reporting - Inferred Ownership Report - No cores available

Last post 02-12-2020, 9:48 AM by dkerrivan. 2 replies.
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  • Data Analytics/Reporting - Inferred Ownership Report - No cores available
    Posted: 02-11-2020, 11:29 AM

    Greetings all,

    We're slowly building out the reporting infrastructure for more detailed analytics of our environment. To the best of my current knowledge, we've setup the requisite bits and bobs for the IndexServer, so that we can perform the types of scans/monitoring.  

    Today, when trying to set things up so that the Inferred Ownership Report could run, I'm getting the following message back:  "No cores available for selected policies"  and I can't find anything that gives me a good idea where I might need to increase the cores (presuming that I actually do need more cores): The Windows file server in question? The CommServ? the Index Server?


    Some background - CV 11, SP 17.16 on Windows 2012 R2

    The IndexServer has the following roles:  Data Analytics, Log Monitoring, Review Set, NAS Array Reporting, NFS Index, Filesystem Index, Virtual Machine, ActiveDirectory Index (we may add more as we explore the features and react to corp. needs).

    The monitoring policy was created to monitor a single Windows File server (and yes, CollectStreamStats is enabled, and Catalog ACL is set for the subclients of the defaultBackupSet for this client system).  The basic scan of the fileserver was done as a one off - as I said, we're slowly building this out, so aren't turning everything over to any automatic schedules.


    Also: Full disclosure - I have 2+ decades of NetBackup background, and about 1/2 a percent of that time with CommVault, so terminology is something I trip over regularly at the moment.


    Questions/suggestions welcome!

  • Re: Data Analytics/Reporting - Inferred Ownership Report - No cores available
    Posted: 02-12-2020, 7:00 AM

    Hi dkerrivan

    The error where it indicates that there are "No cores available for selected policies" could be related to the SOLR Database that is configured on the Index Server (as part of the Data Analytics Component). 

    As part of the Scan process to collect the Fileserver it ingest the data into the SOLR DB on the Index/Data Analytic Server. 

    Out of curiosity have you engaged support to review this phenomenon? It might be worthwhile to confirm whether the error is due to resource contention or potential miss-configuration



  • Re: Data Analytics/Reporting - Inferred Ownership Report - No cores available
    Posted: 02-12-2020, 9:48 AM


    I've not engaged CV support as yet. I ran into this yesterday while I was turning on the next element of what we want to be able to look at from an analylitics perspective. We've started conservatively with the index server and are growing it to meet our needs as required, so if I need to grow, that's fine, but the message is a bit to cryptic on where the cores are needed if you ask me. Currently the index server is from a core/memory view point matching with most of the CV recommendations for a medium environment. We attach different volumes of the requisite size as we go.

    I'll probably reach out to them today or tomorrow about it.


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