Stub Report Statistics - ExchMailbox Agent

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  • Stub Report Statistics - ExchMailbox Agent
    Posted: 03-03-2020, 5:51 PM

    Has anybody here ever run this command for a stub report for a list or single user? Whats wrong with my syntax in bold at the bottom?

    From CV Docs

     CvRecallMailbox.exe outlook1 –f C:\input.txt ExchangeServer1 ActiveDirectory1 -targetserver -target evmgrcport -ReportingMode –complete


    outlook1 = Service Account configured for the Exchange mailbox agent

    ExchangeServer1 = exchserver

    ActiveDirectory1 = adserver

    -targetserver = -targetserver ACCESSNODE

    -target = -target 8402

    Text file =,Inbox\Inbox

    CvRecallMailbox.exe serviceaccount –f C:\temp\input.txt ExchangeServer1 ActiveDirectory1 -targetserver  ACCESSNODE -target 8402 -ReportingMode –complete

    Executed from one of the access nodes from the base directory. 

  • Re: Stub Report Statistics - ExchMailbox Agent
    Posted: 05-20-2020, 8:39 AM

    Hi Pereirath,

    It looks like you may have added some extra parameters in, the actual command example on BOL looks like this.

    CvRecallMailbox.exe outlook1 –f C:\input.txt ExchangeServer1 ActiveDirectory1 targetserver evmgrcport -ReportingMode –complete

    outlook1: name of MAPI profile configured on the proxy where you are running the command.

    ExchangeServer1: Exchange server name, this can actually be a semi-colon delimited list of exchange server names. All short name, no need so for FQDN here.

    ActiveDirectory1: AD Server in the domain. 

    TargetServer: the server where the agent is installed

    EvMgrCPort: by default this should be 8402. The process is now called ClMgrS in V11 and it may not be listening here. It could have grabbed a dynamic port during installation. I would recommend checking in netstat that something is listening here.

    SO after all that, assuming you have a profile for the service account called Outlook, an Exchange server called EX1, an AD Server called AD1 and your client is called ACCESSNODE and listening on 8402, the syntax should be as follows.

    CvRecallMailbox.exe Outlook -f C:\input.txt EX1 AD1 ACCESSNODE 8402 -ReportingMode -Complete

    Let me know if that helps.




  • Re: Stub Report Statistics - ExchMailbox Agent
    Posted: 05-20-2020, 9:21 AM

    Even the described above would not work. Unfortunately the article in the is so poorly written that makes almost impossible to get this to work without support.

    Couple things that are not mentioned in the article;

    - Must be logged to the access node with the service account

    - the input file must be named "input.txt"

    E:\Program Files\Commvault\ContentStore\Base>CvRecallMailbox.exe outlook -f E:\Temp\input.txt EXCHANGEHOSTNAME DOMAINCONTROLER ACCESSNODE 8402 -ReportingMode -complete -o E:\Temp\OUTPUTFILE.txt

    Noneless, if you have more than one exchange server, I would add them all separated by comma.

    Added comments to the commvault documentation stating the facts and asking for the documentation update and as usual was ignored.

  • Re: Stub Report Statistics - ExchMailbox Agent
    Posted: 05-20-2020, 10:04 AM

    Actually looking back through previous versions of the documentation it does seem like the documented command has changed. I definitely agree that this is poorly written and confusing.

    CvRecallMailbox.exe outlook1 –f C:\input.txt ExchangeServer1 ActiveDirectory1 -targetserver -target evmgrcport -ReportingMode –complete

    I can see that in the latest SP BOL the page has been amended, though still does not mention requirement to log in as service account. 

    It does mention to use semi-colon delimited list for Exchange Servers:

    ExchangeServer1 specifies the name of the Exchange server. Use a semicolon between Exchange servers to specify multiple Exchange servers.

    Glad you were able to get it working!


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