Disabling Secondary Selective Copy

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  • Disabling Secondary Selective Copy
    Posted: 07-02-2020, 11:48 AM

    Hi all -

    I am writing a workflow to manage different Offline selective copies.  I am randomly having an issue with the disabling of the copies.  I created an execute and put the UpdateCopy.xml into the inputXML and I'm using this as the commandArgs: -storagePolicyName sp_lab_gen01 -StoragePolicyCopy/copyname Offline_copy1 -active 0.  This morning the disable of the copy failed with these messages:


    3592  1ec0  07/02 08:51:44 ### Command Line Parameters: qoperation execute -af C:\Program Files\Commvault\ContentStore\Base\Temp\baa646ea-b64d-46fc-b2db-c3d9c51eb755.xml -storagePolicyName sp_lab_gen01 -StoragePolicyCopy/copyname Offline_copy2 -active 0 -cs MSCS.AEBSLAB.Local -tk 3ddeaf73834edbbb688647edb91670a9ad9467aad4f68475bb5bd914cbaa8d10e0a0d42b33caa38fff1639c005f9e73bce27f117827b7f99820e13e32e0466bda34c30a6fff268a14fd1a57cdd85731a9f89b65c9e73f83c176f258932fc331d71bc30a5ad9e0f16019b46674e65e3d7d34fc19c550ef8008f70dd098e3e1e672dafe107974054e97088596859eae40f3bb29ed646b41f497eb96a050607b280e8365e385c6f575ad7da84c88243ef2b0ac9b40cc94009f0859150f67bd5c81fa2981babd3c5f864e

    3592  1ec0  07/02 08:51:44 ### CCvNetwork::SetIgnoreAntiChatterFlag() - Session/nChatterFlag is being ignored on this process.

    3592  1ec0  07/02 08:51:44 ### Input File[C:\Program Files\Commvault\ContentStore\Base\Temp\baa646ea-b64d-46fc-b2db-c3d9c51eb755.xml]

    3592  1ec0  07/02 08:51:44 ### QSDKInitializeWithLoginFlag() - Registry nEnablePreInstallQCMD is not present and trying to talk to same CS. So setting enable pre install mode: [0]


    13660 3563 07/02 08:51:51 1367 ExecuteActivity: [Disable Offline_Copy2 (Execute_6)] finished calling execute() function in class [commvault.cte.workflow.activities.cmd.operation.OperationExecute]

    13660 3563 07/02 08:51:51 1367 XMLStream: [Disable Offline_Copy2 (Execute_6)] begin encoding outputs of class [class commvault.cte.workflow.activities.cmd.operation.OperationExecute]

    13660 3563 07/02 08:51:51 1367 XMLStream: [Disable Offline_Copy2 (Execute_6)] encoded object [outputXml], value [<App_GenericArchiveGroupResp>




        <errorMessage>Failed to update copy [Offline_Copy2].</errorMessage>

        <warningMessage>Unknown Event [^1%lu].</warningMessage>


    Is this the correct way to do this or is there a better way?

    Thank you!


  • Re: Disabling Secondary Selective Copy
    Posted: 07-02-2020, 3:22 PM

    Hey Mel,

    do you get the same behavior when it runs outside of the workflow where it fails intermittently?

    Gary Seibak
    Technical Account Manager - Commvault
  • Re: Disabling Secondary Selective Copy
    Posted: 07-06-2020, 11:16 AM

    have you tried including the parameters in the xml itself? For me it works more stable when Variables are referenced there compared to overwriting them with the arguments-thingy.

    Do you execute multiple Requests like this? If so do they occur concurrently, maybe even on the same StoragePolicy at the same time?

  • Re: Disabling Secondary Selective Copy
    Posted: 07-07-2020, 9:55 AM

    Not putting the command directly into the XML input.  Not sure you can do that since it's looking for commands.  I do 2 things in my workflow - disable one copy and enable the other.  The enable has no issues, only the disable, and it's random.  We are thinking my Commcell has something going on with it.  It's just used for test so I'll have to see if the workflow fails in the customer's environment.

  • Re: Disabling Secondary Selective Copy
    Posted: 07-08-2020, 2:11 AM
    Every value you can Update via CommandLine option can also be directly written into the xml itself. like:
    Is that secondary Copy you try to disable maybe active at that time? Like copying data or checking for data ready for copy? That could block that action.
    Maybe better to keep the Copy enabled at all time and tweak the parameters so that it only copies data when you desire it to be? Like separate Schedule for it?
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