NetApp Replication Offline Due to Vol Rename

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  • NetApp Replication Offline Due to Vol Rename
    Posted: 08-11-2020, 4:14 PM

    We had to rename a couple volumes from Cluster X. These volumes have the same data and a valid/healthy relationship. We take CV Snapshots and snapvault these snapshots to a DR Cluster. After the rename, it seems that the CS database did not aknowledge the name and relationship since snapvaults are failing now.


    When I look at the logs for the snapvault job, I can see that the job is trying to use the incorrect volume name and since the volume was rename, the job goes pending with the offline replication error (9:103).

    Further more, I did use the NetApp Open Replication report to see what was being reported by the CS DB and it does show the existing relationship, however with the incorrect names. how to fully refhesh that Aux Copy with its most current info from the NetApp Vol and relationships?


  • Re: NetApp Replication Offline Due to Vol Rename
    Posted: 08-11-2020, 5:13 PM

    You can update CommServe DB with new NetApp volume names using SnapManagement tool.

    SnapManagementTool volRename -vm instance_name -array array_name -oldvol old_volume -newvol new_volume [-svm vserver]

  • Re: NetApp Replication Offline Due to Vol Rename
    Posted: 08-11-2020, 6:20 PM

    Running like

    SnapManagementTool volRename -vm Instance -array CLUSTERFQDN -oldvol OLDVOLNAME -newvol NEWVOLNAME -svm storagevirtualmachineFQDN



    [PID-10036]:Failed to execute [volRename] operation. Please check the log for details.
    GetVolumeListCMODE Could not get volume list. Failed to get vServer info for volume:
    Using exact same name as shown in the Array management.
  • Re: NetApp Replication Offline Due to Vol Rename
    Posted: 08-17-2020, 3:14 AM

    Hi pereirath

    Out of curiosity where are you running the SnapManagementTool, are you running it from the CommServe or MediaAgent?

    Note - if you are running on the CommServe, the CommServe needs to be able to communicate to the Filer on Port 443 and 80. 

    Otherwise please attempt to execute the command on the MediaAgent (as the MediaAgent should have access to Filer and OCUM)



  • Re: NetApp Replication Offline Due to Vol Rename
    Posted: 08-18-2020, 4:33 PM

    Interesting enough the snapmanagementtool didnt work and support sent me a sqlscript file that we ran from the base folder (qscript).

    It is hard to think that everytime a volume is renamed we have to go through support because the snapvault copies wont update automatically.

    Winston is there a best practice from Commvault when renaming a volume that is configured with Open Replication to avoid commvault getting all confused with the names?

  • Re: NetApp Replication Offline Due to Vol Rename
    Posted: 08-24-2020, 12:46 AM

    Hi Pereirath

    For Open replication, the dataset relationship is stored within the CSDB so CV is aware of what Source Volume relates to which Destination Volume

    Did Commvault support explain why the SnapManagementTool didn't work here?

    Do we have any extended logs from the SnapManagementTool when it failed to execute?



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