Solaris Client - errors

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  • Solaris Client - errors
    Posted: 03-01-2011, 11:37 AM

    Have installed FileAgent and OracleAgent on a Solaris10 without any problems. Latest patches are installed as well. Check Readiness takes a long time to get through but it says that client is ready.

    When trying to configure an Oracle instance it takes a very long time and I get the answer that there may be a networkconnectivity-issue or the services may be down. However, I can't see any networkerrors and the services are running fine. I have done some restarts as well. 

    I then try to run a backup with the FileAgent but the Scan-process stops. I got the following in the cvd.log:

    ### authenticateAppClnt() - Failed to receive the challenge on socket 4
    ### EvEvent::readBytes() - read() has failed error <1><Socket shutdown detected>, socket 4
    ### EvSocket::myRead() - MsgHeader read failed, socket 4.

    I have done an installation on the testsystem that is basicly the same configuration and there everything works fine.

    Any clues?

  • Re: Solaris Client - errors
    Posted: 03-01-2011, 11:41 AM


    What version are you running?  What Service Pack level are you on for the CommServe and this Client?  On the Client, can you send us the filescan.log as well?


  • Re: Solaris Client - errors
    Posted: 03-01-2011, 12:07 PM

    Simpana 9 SP1a on both Server and Client.

    The FileScan-log just keeps repeating:

    ### EvEvent::readBytes() - read() has failed error <1><Socket shutdown detected>, socket 4
    ### EvSocket::myRead() - MsgHeader read failed, socket 4.
    ### authenticateAppClnt() - Failed to receive the challenge on socket 4
    ### Can't initialize.  Exiting.

  • Re: Solaris Client - errors
    Posted: 03-01-2011, 1:08 PM

    I believe you mentioned earlier there were restarts performed.  Did you mean the services were stopped and started?  If that is the case, would it be possible to reboot this machine?

    Is there a FW between the CommServe and Client or a software FW running? 



  • Re: Solaris Client - errors
    Posted: 03-01-2011, 2:07 PM

    You might want to check if the socket is already in use.

    Something like: lsof -i:8400 and lsof -i:8402.

    Alternatively, you could use truss, watch for a bind() syscall and look at the return code.


    simpana stop
    truss -f -t bind -o /tmp/truss simpana start

    /tmp/truss will then contain all bind() calls:

    12518/8:        bind(10, 0xFC557D40, 16, SOV_SOCKBSD)           = 0

    A (possible) error will look like this:

    12518/8:        bind(11, 0xFC558230, 16, SOV_SOCKBSD)           Err#126 EADDRNOTAVAIL

    Then, check man bind:

         The bind() function will fail if:
         EADDRNOTAVAIL    The specified address is not  available  on
                          the local machine.


    This will at least help your troubleshooting Smile

    Don't start backups while the client is under the control of truss! It will be *very* slow.

    @JWier: rebooting a Solaris box? Why on earth would you /ever/ need to do /that/? Wink

    root@solaris # uptime
      8:09pm  up 1931 day(s),  1:56,  2 users,  load average: 0.07, 0.10, 0.09

    (BTW, this was a joke)

    If it jams, force it.
    If it breaks, it needed replacing anyway.
  • Re: Solaris Client - errors
    Posted: 03-01-2011, 2:44 PM

    Off course! Just needed a push in the right direction. Turned out that port 8402 was in use (by the Legato-client I'm replacing). Make sense that the errors in the logfiles is happening on the Event-stuff I guess.

    Thanks alot! I'm impressed with your uptime...not surprised, but impressed ;-)

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